Kingpin (1996)

 Like always, we are R-rated for our wagging tongues.

Scoring At The Movies hits the airwaves for the 10th time and the boys have a complicated one this week. Well, complicated considering the dopey subject matter. The bad-haired dudes (Woody, Quaid, Mister Murray) are tremendous, but we’re split on the work of the good-haired Angel. Also, the Farrellys directed a funny flick, but does it suffer in comparison to their more legendary laughfests Dumb And Dumber and There’s Something About Mary? Ryan also unleashes some moral outrage about people who get outsmarted by hustlers, Roy Munson’s ability to bowl with a rubber hand and more. Mister Literal over here. So marvel at the sight of so many great athletes as we chew the fat about a bowling pseudo-classic.

For The Record: Me, Myself & Irene wasn’t really a failure. It made $90 mill in 2000, which is $153 mill when you adjust for inflation. That’s not bad at all.


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