Hoosiers (1986)

 Whaddayaknow, we’re rated PG this time (just a few li’l S bombs)

Gene Hackman brings his steady excellentness to the high-school basketball classic in the 14th edition of Scoring At The Movies. This is one of Ryan’s most-beloved sports pictures. Chris, on the other hand, isn’t 100% down with it, particularly with Jimmy’s Hamlet-esque struggles to play or not to play. We also share our favourite scene (they’re vastly different), we talk about how much sports are in this sports flick, about Coach Dale’s on-going clash with the whole town of Hickory and about how Ryan is Ollie.

For The Record: Hickory’s opponents in the state finals are the South Bend Central Bears. Also, Robert Duvall isn’t 88 just yet. Hackman, Connery and Eastwood did turn 88 this year, but Duvall’s 88th birthday isn’t until January 2019.


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