He Got Game (1998)

Rated R for 4 or 5 instances of rotten wordplay.

We’re talking about the dirty business of a world-class athlete being recruited by colleges in the 46th edition of Scoring At The Movies. We also got into the hypocrisy all that entails. Mooches, vipers and practically everyone else can offer just about any kind of bribe, but the young superstars have to always do the right thing no matter what pressure is being put on them. Maddening! Oh, and let’s not forget it’s also a basketball movie. Spike Lee probably won’t be covered by SATM again (and he might not go to another Knicks game either), but the basketball nut’s only hoops joint is definitely a winner. Denzel Washington is great as usual, but Ray Allen is also very fine considering he’s not even an actor. So get ready for our back-and-forthing about one of the sexiest sports movies we might ever cover on this channel.

Pedantry Alert: The filthy ball we mentioned is the one Jake has in prison, not the one that young Jesus throws over the playground fence.

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