Happy Gilmore (1996)

 Rated R because no one can bleep us the way they bleep Happy.

With the 2019 Masters just around the corner, the 22nd dose of Scoring At The Movies finds us gaping at Adam Sandler’s club-throwing rage on the golf course. This was his second starring role and even at that point he was hitting his now trademark beats: he’s a violent sociopath, embarrasses his rival and gets the girl. This is one of his funnier flicks though and Christopher McDonald, Carl Weathers & Julie Bowen are as responsible for that as Sandler is. Oh, and Bob Barker! It’s a hockey movie a la Goon early on, but then it all comes down to the big golf match between the hero and the villain…only, which of them is the real villain? So don’t eat pieces of sh*t for breakfast. Just enjoy our briefest episode yet!

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For The Record: Fuzzy Zoeller was the one who made that racist crack about Tiger Woods expecting there to be fried chicken in the clubhouse. And a guy with a name like “Fuzzy” seems like such a stand-up lad…


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