Goon (2012)

 Rated R, you hoser hockey people.

Bare your knuckles and sock us in the face because the 12th episode of Scoring At The Movies intends to body-check your audio canals. We’re back on the rink with our 2nd hockey movie. We spent a lot of time jawing about the merits of fighting in hockey (or the lack of merit) and about the game as a whole. What can you do? We’re Canadian. The thrust of the talk though, of course, is about Seann William Scott’s Doug Glatt, the guy who just wants a purpose and just wants to belong. He’s the super-sweet, non-psychotic Travis Bickle. Onward!

For The Record: Connor McDavid is 6’1 and a little less than 200 lbs, so he’s not quite as physically imposing as Mario Lemieux. Also, Georges Laraque played most of his career with the Oilers and only a few seasons with the Canadiens. Also also, the movie was primarily shot in Manitoba, not in or around Halifax (apart for some exterior establishing shots).


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