Friday Night Lights (2004)

Rated R, but you’ll only have to cover your ears a few times.

The 2019 NFL Season is now upon us, so for Scoring At The Movies #33, we’re back on the (high school) gridiron. Billy Bob Thornton is the stoic mentor & coach of a bunch of young actors (including Lucas Black) in this intense, serious film. There’s not much backstory for any character, but the subtle touches tell us more than first meets the eye. Many facts were fudged and the movie is filled with “truthiness”, but we agree that this is still a rock-solid football flick. Director Peter Berg finds ways to make us care about all these Permian Panthers, although not as much as their football-obsessed community does because that isn’t possible. So don’t pressure children to win at all costs. Just hold hands with the guy beside you and pray as you gulp down our chat.

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For The Record: Billy Bob and John Cusack were in The Ice Harvest, not The Ice Storm. Also, apparently the 3 teams involved in the actual coin toss did only lose 1 game apiece.


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