Field Of Dreams (1989)

 Rated PG. Nice clean one for a nice clean movie.

Tear ducts, you may empty! The 21st edition of Scoring At The Movies analyzes the ever-lovin’ out of the best film we’ve covered yet. This ghost story has a sense of humour, along with a midlife crisis, father/son regret, spirituality and lots of corn. Kevin Costner was the ideal choice to head up the eclectic Field Of Dreams cast. He’s given a lot of credit for this movie, but writer/director Phil Alden Robinson did a masterful job of walking the tightrope and finding the correct It’s A Wonderful Life type tone. To Chris’ dismay, it also shares a major plot point with Jimmy Stewart’s Christmas movie—money woes. Also, while the miscast Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe doesn’t hurt the picture, he’s just too scary and New Yorky for that role. Fortunately, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones and especially Burt Lancaster are perfectly cast. Dig into our lengthy teeth-rattle about one of the sweetest and oddest sports movies ever made.

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