Draft Day (2014)

Very R-rated.

Another Kevin Costner sports movie? Yup, this is our 3rd K.C. flick out of 23 total episodes of Scoring At The Movies. The man likes to sweat. In this case, however, he’s a G.M. doing everything except sweating…on the field. And he does a bang-up job as the Cleveland Browns’ miracle-maker. This flick was not a hit and it’s got a multitude of flaws, but we dug it anyway. There’s much to critique though. It’s practically a fantasy film where everything works out…or is it actually more believable than you think? We also got into what is the biggest fantasy in this movie (ie. civility from sports fans) and we hash out all the wheeling & dealing by Costner and his rivals. So as we approach the NFL’s 2019 Draft, huddle up for our take on Ivan Reitman’s football-in-the-boardroom picture.

For The Record: Chadwick Boseman is 41 now and was 36 when they shot this movie, so he’s certainly not that young. Also, divisional opponents in the NFL play each other 1/8th of the season (2 out of 16 games), not 1/7th.

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