Creed II (2018)

Rated PG this time.

Hey yo, folks. For the 4th time (and for the 3rd time in the past 14 months), we drop a ‘cast about the Rocky Balboa odyssey on this channel. The 30th “Scoring At The Movies” episode takes us back to just this past fall when Creed II was all the rage (or at least some of the rage). Michael B. Jordan & the actors are rock-solid and the movie is vivid enough, but it doesn’t have the emotional kick (punch?) of the 2015 Ryan Coogler picture nor the stupid enjoyability of the Sly Stallone-directed ’80s entries. Chris didn’t love the overstuffed hyperbole either. Some of this sequel is great, some of it is just…not. Anyway, we spend nearly an hour explaining these points, so stop reading and start listening!

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For The Record: Florian Munteanu’s name is pronounced “Mun-tee-aw-new”. We weren’t even close! Also, Robert Chartoff died a few months before the first Creed came out in 2015. Also also, Sylvia Meals was in Rocky II and Rocky IV, but not the first one.


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