Blue Chips (1994)

Rated PG. There are 4 or 5 S-words, but nothing you won’t hear on TV.

The performances by the blue-chip prospects (not to mention Nick Nolte as their complicated coach) in the 38th Scoring At The Movies podcast are so much better than the movie as a whole. Was the problem with the script, even though sports-movie guru Ron Shelton wrote this? Was it poor choices in William Friedkin’s direction, particularly the inappropriate use of so much classic rock on the soundtrack? Was it studio interference? Well, something was missing, in any case, especially in the movie’s crappy second half. We DID appreciate the main theme of the massive corruption that’s long been present in “amateur” sports. The students are really just unpaid servants. This episode isn’t all serious criticism though. We enjoyed some of the film’s humorous touches, plus Ryan has a fun rant about “directional” schools. So don’t take a payoff…or abruptly quit because you were the payoffer. Just dunk this one into your earholes!

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