Beyond The Mat (2000)

 Rated R for a healthy heaping of swears.

Twenty years ago, Barry Blaustein took a break from writing hit movies for Eddie Murphy to dig very deep into the often pain-filled lives of professional wrestlers. Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Jake Roberts are the 3 legends who snagged Blaustein’s focus in this ultra-dark film. We broke down that brutal “I Quit” match, wrestlers’ addiction to fame, Vince Mc-freakin-Mahon, the need for a wrestlers union (partly because of Vince Mc-freakin-Mahon), and Ryan’s Foley guilt. If you don’t mind taking a dozen chair shots to the head…well, don’t even think about doing that. Settle for five. Anyway, you’ll have a fun time getting through the pandemic though by firing up the 47th edition of Scoring At The Movies, where the main is a bunch of tough SOBs taking ungoldy punishment every night for our entertainment. What a weird business.

Pedantry Alert: ECW’s first PPV was actually in April 1997. Also, we didn’t mention Beyond The Mat’s Rotten Tomatoes numbers…which were 82% of critics with an average of 6.7/10 and 83% of audiences.

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