Wrapping Up The Top 100 Project

The Wrap-Up (59:46) Rated R because we don’t have any soap to wash out our dirty mouths.


And it so it goes, and so it goes. We close it out with a journey back in time to talk about 123 movies…and we name-drop 89 of them! We discuss recurring themes throughout the T100P, how we feel about AFI’s 2 lists and we also reveal our own Top 10 Lists. Plus, we get into the not-so-bright spots and the frustrating oversights by the AFI’s compilations. Talk to you on January 11th with the Next 100 Project and do not forget our sponsor, Sparkplug Coffee!


AFI’s Top 100 Lists

Complete list of movies in the National Film Registry


The Bechdel Test

Terri Garr’s 2008 interview about Tootsie

Previously on the T100P: LOTR: FOTR

January 11th on the Next 100 Project: Edward Scissorhands