Citizen Kane The Re-Release

 Rated G. We kept it clean in honour of the era, back when we didn’t swear if the movies didn’t.

To commemorate 5 years of this podcast (March 25th, 2013, saw us kick off the Top 100 Project), we’re releasing a special edition of one of the all-time classics. We trimmed the fatty two-part editions of our original Citizen Kane ‘cast while adding some new thoughts & theories. Just a little anniversary gift from us for those who haven’t already heard us gab about AFI’s Greatest Movie…or maybe we should just say it’s a better version of something you might have heard half a decade ago!


The original Part 1 and Part 2

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National Film Registry in 1989

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1941 Academy Award winners & nominees

Links to: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and Stagecoach and Rebecca and The Third Man and Touch Of Evil and Vertigo and The Battle Over Citizen Kane and RKO 281

YouTube links: Establishing Xanadu and Charlie is sold to Thatcher and the breakfast montage and Kane on the campaign trail and Charlie & Jed on election night and Kane trashes Susan’s room and Burn That Sled!

March 26th on the Next 100 Project: The Last Temptation Of Christ