Yet Another 19 Movies To Help You Endure COVID-19

 Rated G, baby!

Bonus episode! We were off yesterday, but couldn’t resist talking today. For the 3rd occasion during these gloomy housebound times, we try to plant a big fat smile (or maybe even 2 and 1/2 big fat smiles) on your face with a fun chat about motion pictures we think you should seek out. We’re also good enough to let you know where you can find them online. The rules: we each have 4 suggestions and we only get 19 words to sell the movie to you. Okay, that “19 words” guideline is very loose. The person making these rules is the person who keeps breaking them. Oh, there are also 11 trivia questions sprinkled between each recommendation, which are all answered at the end. So get extraordinarily comfy and hear us do some “quaranthreening!”

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