Victoria Day Grab Bag

Rated R.

Bonus episode! Taking a page from our COVID-19 specials last year, we each made 2 movie recommendations in this episode, using the caveat that we had to sell the flicks to you using only 19 words. Each of us also tossed around some trivia questions. And we opened up the emailbag! Gender identification at the Oscars came up. Unlikeable directors came up. Desert island movies came up. The Golden Globes controversy came up. And classic flicks that we’ve previously reviewed like The Shining, E.T., Back To The Future, Pulp Fiction, Jaws and Django Unchained came up too. So bonus it up!

Note: Ryan has seen Wonderstruck since this recording. The verdict? It’s handsomely made and the actors are pretty good, but the story isn’t very compelling and, while the ending is heartfelt, it’s not very believable.

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