Inside Llewyn Davis & Her

Inside Llewyn Davis & Her (38:32) This podcast is rated R for language.

Llewyn and Her Poster
The AFI’s Top 100 takes a back seat as we talk about zeitgeisty flicks you can find at the box office right now! We won’t reveal anything important until the end of the ‘cast when we tell you spoilers are coming. This 5th Now Playing Project takes on the Coen Brothers music dramedy Inside Llewyn Davis (with Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan) and Spike Jonze’s newest original creation, Her (with Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams). Start ‘er up for our extensive thoughts on both!

3 thoughts on “Inside Llewyn Davis & Her

    1. It’s easier to answer which ones we DON’T like. I have never seen Intolerable Cruelty or The Ladykillers a second time….and wasn’t a big fan the first time. Burn After Reading has grown on me, but I still think it’s not their best work. Hudsucker Proxy is not wonderful, but it’s got its moments. I also think Raising Arizona is an overrated—but definitely funny—zany-fest. And I just didn’t get the Jewish elements in A Serious Man enough to love the movie. Otherwise, their hit machines. I could watch The Big Lebowski or Fargo or O Brother at a funeral and laugh out loud. The more-serious flicks (True Grit, No Country, Miller’s Crossing) get better the more you see them. As for Bev, I’ll let her answer this later because she’s in bed sleeping as I write this…

      1. I didn’t care much for Hudsucker, Miller’s, or Cruelty, and I haven’t seen A Serious Man, Burn After Reading, or Llewyn Davis, but I enjoyed all the others very much. Fargo is an all-timer for me. Lebowski, O Brother, and No Country are not far behind it.

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