Oscars Post-View 2021

Rated PG. We were quite clean in this one.

Best Picture 2021

Bonus episode! We had many, many thoughts about the uber-weird 2020 (and somewhat 2021) Academy Awards. Then again, who didn’t…if you even watched the show. Not many people did. Most of the movies up for the gold naked guys ranged from good to great, so if you didn’t see the strangest awards program this group has ever put on, then you missed out on excellent work being rewarded. Still, though, an In Memoriam on fast forward? No time limits on the speeches? Best Picture isn’t the main event? And that anticlimactic ending? We get into all of that. The good news is that the Academy’s choice for the best movie of the year, Nomadland, will be discussed by us later this year, so check it out on Disney+ soon and then stay tuned for our full review.

Well, Actually: In case it isn’t clear, Ryan said the Academy and the producers will probably deny they put the Best Actor on last because they thought Chadwick Boseman was going to win. Also, Bev said “Missouri” when she should have said “Minnesota” regarding the Derek Chauvin verdict.


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