Oscars Post-View 2020

Rated PG. If they want to, your kids can hear this.

Bonus episode! A terrific year for movies has been wrapped up with a surprise winner (and the right winner) of a slew of gold naked guys. Parasite was the delightful surprise champeen of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and International Feature. We talked about how this was the “Diversity & Inclusion” Oscars, even though the nominees themselves were still mostly white dudes. Overall, t’was a memorable (and historic) show, capped off with one man who most people never knew before a few months ago going up on stage a record-breaking FOUR different times. So give a legend a standing ovation and yell “UP! UP!” at some trigger-happy TV producers, but then parcel out some time to take in our musings about the last Oscars of the 20-teens.


All the Oscar winners

2019 U.S. Box Office

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