19 More Movies To Get You Through COVID-19

Rated G. We were innocent in this one.

Bonus episode! For the 2nd time during the pandemic, we offer up a pithy gab where we give you some ideas about flicks you should let enter your eyeholes during this isolating time. We even tell you where you can find them. Each Ellis has 4 recommendations (using 19 words to sell you the movie, although we cheated a bit here and there) and there are 11 trivia questions as well, giving us a grand total of…19. Bev answered more of the trivia questions than she did in the March 26th episode—who said she got a few hints?!—and maybe those hints will help you too. This continues to be a craptastic time, so settle in for a fun listen as we amble into the merry old month o’ May.

Well, Actually: Commissioner Gordon calls Batman “a” dark knight at the end of that film, not “the” dark knight. Also, Ryan is @moviefiend51 on Twitter (left off the “51” part) and of course Bev is @bevellisellis.