Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

Night Of The Living Dead (47:42)

Night Of The Living Dead (wordpress)

The 2nd edition of The Not 100 Project is this monumental entry for Scary Movie Week! Perhaps this horror classic wasn’t quite worthy of AFI’s Top 123, but its lingering effect on audiences and its influence on film history is massive. We also felt the need to give the horror genre its due in a way the AFI did not. Listeners, time to get your zombie on!

4 thoughts on “Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

  1. I kinda had a feeling that this would be your Halloween Not 100 pick, and what a great pick! This is one of my all-time favourite films, horror or otherwise. And as effective as the ever-looming presence of the zombies is, the interplay between the characters inside the house — especially Ben and the Coopers — is most of what I find so entertaining about it. Is it flat-out scary? Perhaps not. But creepy? Certainly. And tense? Hell, yes.

    A couple of other things. Ben certainly deserved a spot on the 100 Heroes list. Great shout-outs to other horror classics, too: ‘Peeping Tom’ is a great film that we never hear enough about. Also, another source of music recycled for NOTLD is this hilariously inept low-budgeter:

    And finally, if I was in this movie, which character would I be most like? I’d say Tom: not a leader, but co-operative all the way with the greater good in mind. Who do the two of you think you would be?

    1. Glad you liked our choice! Not much point in doing Not 100s if people think the movies we choose are shit. 😉 Who would we be? Bev would be Ben, mostly because their names are almost the same. I’d be Judy.

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