Oscars Preview 2021

Rated R, but the language is mostly quite acceptable for people of all ages.

Oscars 2021

For the 6th year in a row, we present our Oscars Preview. This strange year featured a slew of wonderful movies, almost none of which we were able to see on the big screen. Stupid airborne germs! Nevertheless, the candidates for Best Picture are a strong crop. Most of them are diverse, socially aware and about timely topics. Even though Mank is The Irishman of this year’s bunch (so many nominations, yet so unworthy of them), the rest of the flicks up for the top gold naked guy range from good to fantastic. From Nomadland to Minari to Sound Of Metal to The Father, it was another good year at the movies. So stroke that play button as our 389th Ellises’ Analysis digs into the details of the world’s most famous awards show.

Well, Actually: Ryan called the young boy in Minari “David” S. Kim when of course David is his character’s name and Alan is his real name. Also, we didn’t highlight our faves of the past year in this show like we did in previous Oscars Previews, but it IS nearly the end of April. Maybe we’ll talk about our personal Top 10 lists some other time.

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