Oscars Preview 2019

 Rated R for a couple of effies.

Awards Season is almost at an end, so it’s high time for the Next 139 Project to talk about the terrific movie year that it was in 2018. Strangely, though, many of the Oscar nominees aren’t so terrific, especially about half of the 8 Best Picture nominees. They had “won me over” qualities, but that doesn’t make them all that good. We started this episode with an analysis of the history of women hosts & women presenters of Best Picture and how that might pertain to this year’s Academy Awards. Then it’s onto the main event…our thoughts and theories about who can/should/will win the Gold Naked Guys on February 24th. Coffee drinker? You will love the excellent beans provided by Sparkplug Coffee, so check them out online. The 10% discount is still available when you enter the promo code “top100project” at check-out.


Coming Attractions Trivia Answers: ??? and ???

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