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Rated R for a smattering of crappy words.

Jays Game May 2018

We’ve got a special episode for the Next 195 Project as we rave about—yup, the title isn’t lying—our favourite funny films. It’s the will-never-be-topped, locked-in-stone BEST comedies ever (subject to change at a moment’s notice), but we mentioned probably another 200 or 300 flicks on top of those Top 10 beloveds. First, though, you’ll hear us jam about some awesome comedy actors & directors, then we batted around some honourable mentions of terrific flicks full o’ laughter. The phrase “scene-stealer” was used a lot. Take a drink for each one. We also butchered a few classic quotes. Plus, Ryan re-ranks AFI’s Top 10 of their “100 Years, 100 Laughs” list. So get ready to have pleasantly sore cheek muscles as we spend nearly an hour spreading some comic delight all around.

Well, Actually: The producer Tom Cruise is parodying in Tropic Thunder (at least with his wacky appearance) is Stuart Cornfeld, who must be tight with Ben Stiller because they’ve worked together a lot.

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We’re off May 18th. On May 25th, we’ll talk about Traffic